A demonic and profound introduction seduces the listener to “dEvil”, a song about selecting the side of the devil to succeed in every situation. Halo Boy quoted “Everyone around me in life isn’t playing fair, so why should I? I suppose this song is about fighting evil with evil.”

I am instantly captivated by the demonic and supernatural soundscape that Halo Boy has produced, with bass guitar riffs and subwoofer vibration. This creates an impressive sound and impacts intensely on the listener. 

I appreciate the multiple musical layers and rotated high’s and low’s of vocal intensity throughout the track, as he whispers and then screams “I just got horns like the devil”.

Halo Boy performs with an expressive and passionate voice, which is hypnotic and bewitching. 

This young artist classifies himself as the new anti-hero. He is madly obsessed with creating songs and visual art, like he is a puppet at the end of the devil’s strings, constantly tearing apart pieces of reality and reconstructing them into something disturbingly beautiful. 

Halo Boy will fit perfectly on a playlist between Marilyn Manson and Bring Me The Horizon. If you enjoy these artists you will love Halo Boy. 

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