Meet Lil Demon:

Lil Demon is a singer-songwriter and producer with a unique and intriguing sound that strongly connects with his listeners.

He first started listening to music in the 5th grade. At this time he was attracted to a diverse selection of genres from artists such as Fallout Boy, Skrillex, Green Day, Nirvana, and The Notorious B.I.G.

Music has played an important role in his life as he suffers from depression, anxiety, personality and bipolar disorder. Music has been a form of comfort to him and soothed him through some very dark times. He has told us, “Sometimes I feel like if the artists from my generation never created the music they did, I would not be here”.

This powerful connection he has to his music is clearly expressed through his performance and compositions.

He cultivates his songs with a purpose, whether it is a message he wants his listeners to hear or a feeling he wants them to experience, The main goal is communication and connection, which he achieves with his personal, genuine and confronting approach.

New Release “4DOORSHAWTY” 

This is an extremely unique song, although somewhat strange and slightly disturbing. It makes the listener feel unnerved and uncomfortable at times, which seems to be the point.

“4DOORSHAWTY” is about Lil Demon’s personality and bipolar disorder (BPD). BPD causes people to constantly idolize and then, devalue the people they love. Lil Demon does an exemplary job at communicating these contradicting feelings.

He has quoted, “I try to paint a picture for people to understand what it feels like to be so sensitive, moody and contradicting”.

Musical and vocal distortions invoke feelings of nervousness and agitation. This distortion also creates the sensation of bouncing back and forth in confusion and desperation. This effect accompanied by deep subwoofer bass sounds resonant deeply within the listener.

The whole effect creates a hypnotic and lasting impression. If you enjoy music from artists such as Lil Peep and 100 gecs, then Lil Demon will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to “4DOORSHAWTY” right here…

What’s next for Lil Demon?

Lil Demon plans to continue making music and connecting with people, in the hope of changing the world for the better. He has an important message for all his listeners: “Everyone deserves love, even people consumed by hate. People only hate on things they can’t understand. Make them understand”.

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