Meet Semaj Foreman:

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and sound engineer, Semaj Foreman has released his newest album, ANIME: Another Night In My Emotions.

He is based in Fort Worth, Texas where he lives with his wife two daughters and son. His family are a huge source of encouragement for him. His artistic 12 yr old daughter even gave a helping hand with the design of this album’s artwork.

Seems like there is no end to this artist’s talents. Who also owns and designs his own clothing brand, Nobody Special.

Foreman knew that he wanted to make music from an early age and by 14 he was teaching himself how to make beats. He made his first sale on SoundClick, before our modern age of multiple soundclouds, at the age of 16 for $600.

By the age of 18, he had made a name for himself and people knew his music. He appeared on the surreal VH1 series with Vanilla Ice, “The Remaking of Rob Van Winkle”. Later he went on to produce 3 tracks on Ice’s platinum underground album.

His newest album is a collection of lo-fi, chilled tracks for lovers of Anime. He created the acronym “Another Night in My Emotions” to reflect on the emotional journey of each song.

ANIME: Another Night In My Emotions:

Let me start off by saying, this is a beautifully crafted album. The songs invoke a wide spectrum of emotions which seamlessly flow from one to the other.

Foreman keeps us enthralled and tantalized at the same time while taking us on a musical journey of emotions.

A dreamy and ethereal soundscape is created from the first track and listeners are absorbed into a world of blissful electro-beats.

The opening song is quite frankly brilliant, witty, and clever. Foreman creates the effect of switching through radio stations offering us many different sounds, energies, and moods. Which concludes with an exasperated and agitated voice stating, “Another Night In My Emotions”.

The first few tracks are extremely chilled with a dreamy, anime soundscape. The music wraps around the listener like a warm hug, seducing you to close your eyes and give in to the soundwaves washing over you.

The vibe switches as “Make The Devilman Cry” kicks in and our senses are alerted with a restrained yelling voice proclaiming “why God?”. This jolts us out of our slumber and jumpstarts our alertness to this powerful track.

At this point, the album switches gears from anime serenity to explicit aggression. Clearly expressing the rollercoaster ride of emotions that people can experience.

The energy gradually softens as the album progresses further onto the final song, “To Stay Here Is Death, To Go Is Death”. This track invokes strong feelings of melancholy and yearning.

Foreman has done a remarkable job with this album and whether you are a lover of lo-fi or anime, you will certainly love listening to ANIME: Another Night in My Emotions. If you enjoy music from artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR and Tory Lanez, then Semaj Foreman will fit perfectly on your lo-fi playlist.

Listen to ANIME: Another Night In My Emotions right here:

What’s next for Semaj Foreman?

Foreman is passionate about cultivating and growing further as a musician and you will be seeing many more projects from him. He has a message for all his listeners out there: “Never give up on anything you have a passion for. Don’t let other people tell you that you can’t do it and success is not always based on obtaining riches. Your personal success is chosen by you. Thank you for listening.”

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