Juno Star ascends again with a new, sassy hit single, “Bad Bitch”, an entertainting and alternative, upbeat pop song.

Juno is a relatively undiscovered artist who is a talented singer and songwriter from New York City, who is inspired by the 90s’ alternative pop-music scene.

This year he launched himself into the spotlight with four uniquely stylised singles, each showcasing a varied style within the pop genre.

His most recent release, “Bad Bitch” is a dynamic pop anthem about self-love.

From the introduction of “Bad Bitch” we are instantly lured into Juno’s trippy and hypnotic soundscape which produces an energetic and playful atmosphere.

Juno performs poetic, rhythmical verses with expressively passionate vocal tones, which are layered and reverbed throughout the song.

He skillfully flows between rhytmic spoken word and charming vibrato singing, demonstrating impressive variation in style and talent.

An unforgettable chorus coax’s listeners to sing-a-long with entertaining lyrics, such as; “be a bad bitch, run that shit, got a rumble in your jungle, you can handle it, so what if you’re a hot mess, you’re still a goddess”.

This would be an ideal song for a choreography piece, the catchy lyrics and seductive rhythm continue to tempt the listener hours after, begging you to return for more.

Juno told us; “imperfection is what makes us special. Bad Bitch is about owning yourself, even at your worst, and remembering; ‘so what if you’re a hot mess, you’re still a goddess’”.

Even though “Bad Bitch” has a light-hearted and playful energy, the lyrics carry an important message. Remember that, nobody is perfect, so, accept and love yourself! And be a “bad bitch”!

This talented young artist is more than ready to take the world by storm with his catchy songs and unique flair.

His upcoming EP release is due out before the end of this year, and we are excited to see what our rising star will give us next! Follow Juno Star here:

Juno Star

If you enjoy music from artists such as Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray then Juno Star will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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