Best Friend


The Band:

CAPYAC is a creative project that is an ever collaborating, musical collective formed by Delwin Campbell and Eric Peana. Both, currently referring to themselves under the pseudonyms of Potion (Campbell) and P. Sugz (Peana).

These two magicians of art started playing jazz standards together in high-school, back in 2009. Potion played the piano while P. Sugz was jamming on the upright bass. However, the spark of genius, which inspired them to start writing together, came much later in their relationship.

Potion requested P. Sugz collaborate with him on a soundtrack he was developing for a radio drama. As they experimented with blues and folk riffs in a studio in Texas, the concept of them becoming a writing duo really took hold.

From these humble beginnings in 2014, the band have evolved to include numerous instrumentalists and vocalists into their musical off-springs. They are also well-known for expanding beyond the general musical performances to incorporating extravagances such as theatrics, costumes, props and improvised hilarity into their shows.

They even showcased their ever-evolving skills by producing a fashion show. It seems there is no end to this duo’s talents. They offer a new and fresh performance style that reaches beyond the benign into progressive forms of expression, which attracts and delights audiences.

The daring duo are inspired by a wide spectrum of influences, from their mutual love of absurdism, deep house, improv, p-funk and even a cuckoo clock. They have told us their creative process is “feisty and mysterious, like hot magma”. We are just itching to get behind the scenes to witness this creative volcano explode!

Their most recent release, “Best Friend”, is the second single from their upcoming album and is a comical, tongue in cheek, funky love song, accompanied by an extremely entertaining music video.

New single release “Best Friend”:

This song provides a powerful stylistic delivery, which has strong similarities to Prince. The lyrical and theatrical performance, cleverly portrayed in their music video, is highly amusing with a definite flair for the dramatic and extravagant.

The mid-tempo, groovy melody inspires listeners to move with the music. From the jazzy tones, blended with dashes of Prince stylings and electro-funk, this song is absolutely genius.

Potion’s vocal performance is not only supported by his high-calibre singing ability, but his aptitude for drama contributes to an all-round performance that raises CAPYAC above the masses to an elite level.

The entire song keeps you thoroughly entertained, with witty lyrics such as; “she gets kinky in the kitchen, a three-star Michelin” and “when she crawls into the bed, it’s like a limousine, like a Russian doll, like a cuzzi tub way up in the sky”.

A high quality of performance in every sense with a humorous twist, imparting the message to listeners that it is, quite frankly, nice to have sex with your best friend. Or possibly multiple best friends, as the lyrics interchange between “she” and “their” and the video shows an entourage of people dancing for Potion, as he bathes in a bathtub full of lemons.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Benny Sings and Vulfpeck, then you’re going to love CAPYAC. What exciting new projects will this creative collective deliver next? This is, as of yet, still unknown.

When asked what will come next for the band, Potion and P. Sugz told us, “as people used to be wrong about the motion of the sun, so they are still wrong about the motion of the future. The future stands still, it is we who move in infinite space”.

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