I was instantly engaged by Chima Anya’s music video, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”. The debut of somber piano music combined with the visual image of Anya staring vacantly into the mirror generates an intense emotional response.

I think most people will associate with the message in this song. On the exterior, our lives might seem successful, but with all that society believes will make us satisfied and joyful, good job, money, wife, etc, which Anya lists in his poetic rapping, there’s still a sense of despair, of loss, a heaviness in our hearts that can’t be expressed or understood.

As the song evolves, Anya’s wordplay becomes intensified and aggressive, which connects us to the despair and anguish he endures. This is accompanied by erratic driving around the streets of London, which perfectly enhances the feeling of desperation.

Chima Anya isn’t simply an accomplished and gifted emcee, but also a medical doctor, and has expertly balanced the two livelihoods for more than ten years.

If you love music from the likes of J.Cole and Logic, then Chima Anya will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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