Meet Hot Milk:

Hot Milk is a comedy, musical trio who have just released their first big single, Covid 19. A ridiculously hilarious parody on having Covid 19.

This comedic trio is formed of Stretch, Tony Throbbins and The Shetland. These three masters of comedy met back in 2019. At this time, Throbbins and Shetland had connected with Stretch to film and create comedy sketches.

They continued cultivating ideas together as a group months into the pandemic. At this point, they decided to focus more directly on combining their musical and comedic writing.

Stretch is the producer of the group who has been recording and producing music in his studio for the past 5 years. However, the guys develop their music together. Their group inspiration comes by freestyling to different beats until something clicks. Then they develop the sound and lyrics in more depth.

Now, their day to day lives are consumed with comedy scriptwriting, filming, recording music, or planning their next big music video.

Single release “Covid 19”

“Covid 19” is their most recent project, which has a highly humourous, farcical music video and was written on their first studio session after they were released from quarantine.

The song opens with a beautifully emotive fingerpicking guitar melody, which feels extremely sentimental. Do not be fooled, this introduction is completely misleading.

The group give us no indication that this is a comedy song until the vocals begin. Once we hear the lyrics, the initial reaction is “what the f**k?”. And then, of course, we laugh, we laugh because it is just so silly!

Hot Milk has taken a fantastically light-hearted and jovial approach to this subject. Some may see it as controversial, but then what isn’t controversial these days?
The chorus will easily catch on as an anthem with hilariously sarcastic lyrics such as: “I’ve got Covid-19, it was so unexpected. Now I’m a super spreader, but I can do much better”.

This catchy track with the perfect blend of hilarity and sentimentality will charm any listener and make you want to listen to it again and again.

Check out this hysterical song and music video right here:


If you enjoy music and comedy from artists such as The Lonely Island and “Weird Al” Yankovic, then Hot Milk will be just your cup of tea!

Keep a close eye on what this adventurous and outlandish group of misfits will get up to next. They are already in pre-production for their next music video and their first short film. We are excited to see what new hilarities will befall us next time.

Hot Milk has one message for all you fans out there: “Keep on milking!”