Meet Alex Sloane:

Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and music producer Alex Sloane, has just released her brand new single “Cute”.

Alex has been a music enthusiast since she first picked up a guitar at 7 years old and began learning from her Father.

Because Alex is left-handed, her Father restrung the guitar for her and taught her how to play by mirroring him. Together, they recorded her first song in his homemade studio garage.

Alex is influenced by several different sources such as; drag shows, classic literature, math rock and video games. All contributing to her unique style and irresistible vivaciousness.


Her newest single, out today, “Cute”, is about always trying to be that perfect representation of “cute” for somebody, but exhausting yourself with the effort.

This mid-tempo, funky, indie-electronica track incorporates a multiple layered dreamy, synth soundscape with echoed vocals and video game sounding background.

Alex’s vocal performance is completely captivating. Her seductive, breathy style entices listeners and creates an engaging atmosphere.

The lyrics display a vulnerability and sensitivity which many listeners will connect with. That exhausting feeling that your love is not enough for someone, and you have to keep up a certain image to maintain your lover’s affection.

Revealing lyrics such as: “tell me how you want me to be. I try to keep it cute. On tight, on top, on lock for you”, reveal the underlying message of this song.

This is the perfect song to add to your chilled-indie-electronica playlist. The song is, as the title states, cute! If you enjoy music from artists such as Melanie Martinez and Charli XCX, then you will love Alex Sloane.

Listen to her single “Cute” right here…

What’s Next:

Alex is now working on a music video for this release and we may see a mixtape from her in the not too distant future. In the meantime, she has a message for all her fans: “Keep it cute!”.

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