The talented DJ has talked about his motivation to achieve the recent success.

DJ Khaled has just answered in an interview about the reason why he achieved such a high position in the current music industry without singing any notes. The 41-year-old DJ told NME: “I succeed because I am different. If I walk into a dark room, I am a light shining. I am great, whether from the music creation side, writing books or even my pictures on Snapchat. I always worship myself and people completely accept that“.

Khaled is getting great success with his newly released album, “Grateful”. The record has the contribution of some of the biggest names such as:Jay-Z,Justin Bieber,Calvin Harris,Rihanna and Beyonce. No matter how proud of himself he could be, the famous DJ still feels small when standing in front of a person. That is Beyonce Knowles.

Khaled said that all his achievements are overshadowed if compared with Beyonce’s massive music career. “I’ve always been a star circling Beyoncé. I admire her as a wonderful mother and artist. I watched her and Jay kindly take care of her beautiful daughter even though they were busy touring. I am always silent, embarrassed and try not to do or say too many things in front of Beyoncé because I feel like she is my boss“, said the famous DJ.

Thanks to the great admiration for Beyoncé, the born-in-1975 DJ has more motivation to strive non-stop to bring the audience the best quality music products. The album “Grateful” with the song “I’m the One” produced by Khaled still holds high rankings on a series of world music charts.