Edge of the World by johnnylove / Euphoria & Charisma

Johnnylove is a DJ / producer based in Milwaukee who has been passionate about music since his freshman year of high school in 1986. This was when he first saw a pair of turntables and a mixer. He was instantly hooked and made a trade-off with his neighbor to gain his first set of turntables. His start was only one direct drive, one belt drive, and a radio shack mixer.

After that, he was playing every month at the Lake Park Pavillion house party and by the end of college, he had the only all house music DJ night in the city.

In search of new opportunities, Johnnylove moved to Los Angles after college, where he excelled in the club scenes, touring with Bolt Upright (a popular band signed to Sony in the late nineties), as well as working in post-production and sound design.

Spending so many hours playing other people’s music, Johnnylove developed an educated and experienced understanding of which musical intricacies ignite and connect with listeners and which don’t. And with encouragement from his creative collective in Los Angeles, he began to produce his own music.

Debut Release

His debut release as a producer, “Edge of the World”, is a mid-tempo, funky, yet sentimental song, which sparks intense emotion in listeners and feels like it’s speaking of the craziness that this past year has imparted on us, as we have all been at the edge of the world we once knew.

Melody + Captivating Voice

A unique opening to this house track immediately sparks curiosity, as a keyboard plays an emotive melody and a captivating voice sets an enticing atmosphere.

Johnnylove collaborated with singer-songwriter KoBe for this project. KoBe had asked Johnnylove for feedback on his music and they decided to develop this track together. While Johnnylove assisted in developing and producing the song, KoBe wrote the lyrics and delivered an unforgettable performance.

KoBe sings with intense soulfulness and has an exceptional vocal ability, which is a pleasure to listen to. The combination of his charismatic vocals with the steady 80s’ style synth beats create a hypnotic and euphoric effect for the listener.

This track will fit perfectly on a chilled house playlist and will be easily filling the dance floor with it’s uplifting, loving energy, that will stay with you for hours after hearing it.

This track is definitely on it’s way to being one of the summer’s top house anthems of choice! If you enjoy music from artists such as Kaskade and Osunlade, then Johnnylove will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Passion for House Music

Above all, keep an eye out for this artist, who along with his longtime friend and collaborator DJ Tory Tee, is set to form a collective of like minded individuals. Their goal is to produce music and ultimately start their own label, delivering their love of music to the masses. They are inspired by the positivity of people who are passionate about house music and this encourages them to create and share their creativity.

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