Szigeti Juli’s release’s their newest single, “Freedom”:

Budapest based neo-swing band Szigeti Juli are back with another thrilling track. “Freedom” an electro-swing banger, will have your feet bopping and your body jiving.

The band of 4 was formed in 2019 by Juli Szigetl and comprises of lyricist and vocalist, Juli. Composer, arranger and drummer, Apor Pávai. Máté Drippey on the saxophone and Clarinet, and guitarist Zoli Juhász.

With the help of Wolfgang Lohr from Electo Swing Thing, the band have created a special and unique new release that displays their love and passion for being free. This song is about embracing your individuality, celebrating uniqueness and the freedom that comes with that.


“Freedom” opens with an upbeat, high-energy, nostalgic sounding instrumental soundscape. Listeners are instantly hooked, as the music bewitches us into releasing our inhibitions and dance the night away.

This song excites and inspires listeners as we are lured into an enthralling musical journey, which carries us into explosive swing club beats, onto vintage jazzy instrumental breaks and, of course, Juli’s delectable vocal performance.

Her intensely expressive performance leaves listeners completely bewitched and infatuated with her sultry tones. Just like a temptress siren, she lures her listeners to the dance floor to claim their freedom!

A beautifully shot music video filmed in the Budapest Jazz Club accompanies this song. The band’s unique style and mesmerizing performance heighten the magical experience of this track, and if you enjoy music from artists such as Caravan Palace and Swingrowers then Szigeti Juli will fit perfectly on your neo-swing playlist.

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