Meet Lazzarus Creed:

Toronto based singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer Lazzarus Creed has today released his newest single “Hungry”. A captivating new track that expresses the intense hunger Creed has, for his art.

Creed is a true born artist and before entering the world of music, he expressed his artistry through acting and photography. However, in 2017 after sharing the experience of his brother’s (Christian Mariconda) recording session, his passion and desire to emerge as a singer-songwriter was sparked.

From hip-hop to RnB and pop, Creed has launched into the music scene with a refreshing and inspiring sound, along with honest and heartfelt lyrics.


“Hungry” opens with an emotive and sentimental melody playing on the piano that lures us gently into Creed’s captivating new track. There is a purity of raw expression and passion which immediately stands out to the listener.

Multiple instrumental and vocal layers combining sensual RnB vibes with groovy beats create a unique soundscape that is both mellow and upbeat. Creed delivers a bewitching performance, with expressive tones that flow effortlessly over silky smooth vocals.

Creed has truly put his heart and soul into “Hungry”. This is evident through his passionate delivery and outstanding lyrical composition. “Hungry” is the perfect new track to add to your RnB playlist. If you enjoy music from artists such as; Post Malone and The Kid LAROI, then you will love Lazzarus Creed.

Creed has a message for all his listeners: “I am always grateful for all of you. If it wasn’t for my fans, my supporters and my Creed family, I would not be here today. I love you, And I want all of you to love freely, express freely, and I hope to continue to inspire you all with my music.”

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