Phil Elam wrote “The Electric Glide” on a day when he received wonderful news, he had been offered a part in an upcoming feature film and was bursting with excitement! With an urge to share that excitement through his music, “The Electric Glide” was born.

Phil Elam is a multi-talented musician, actor, and filmmaker from Detroit, who has been committed to his art since the young age of six, when he first started to play the piano.

Growing up in Detroit, Elam encountered many difficult situations but always found comfort in his world of music and movies, which he developed into a successful career.

“The Electric Glide” is a fantastic, feel-good party anthem, which inspires listeners to immerse themselves in electro-pop bliss and revel in joyous celebration.  

I adore the way Elam expresses his exhilaration through his music, and this energy is completely contagious!

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and Justin Bieber then Phil Elam will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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