As I listen to the new song, “Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself” by KOFN Underground, I am overwhelmed by the creativity and fierce expressiveness of this artist.

KOFN Underground is the musical project of producer, musician and commentator, Glenn Lee Alan Davis. The inspiration behind this endeavour stems from a desire for raw and untamed artistic expression.

From the beginning of the song, I am instantly submerged in feelings of chaos, disgust and frustration, seeping out of every musical, vocal and lyrical pore.

This song was written as a reflection of past turbulent relationships, where issues of control and insecurity were prevalent.

The listener is drawn into the emotions of this song through powerful lyrics such as “I despise the way you make me live”, performed with profound intensity and hauntingly hypnotic vocals.

An intriguing and explosive soundscape incorporating elements of gothic rock, death metal, electro-pop and 80’s synth-pop, heighten the intensity

And I enjoy the multiple layers of synth’s, and the mesmerising chorus riff, which I find myself humming, hours after I’ve listened to the song.

“Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself” will go live on Spotify on 23rd October, save the date! And until then, check KOFN out here…

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By Durga

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