The song Dinero (Spanish meaning “money”) by Jennifer Lopez was released on May 17. The song also featured DJ Khaled and cult female rapper Cardi B.

Jennifer Lopez performed the song in two languages, English and Spanish. The song is a declaration of human’s love for material and wealth, performed on a vibrant dance music scene with witty bilingual puns.

Although she is nearly 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez still works hard to release music products

Though the MV was filmed in black and white format, it is still extremely attractive by the sexy beauty of Latin queen Jennifer Lopez. Throughout the MV is the appearance of lavish permanent courts, casual costumes and more specifically the $ 4.5 million jewelry used by Jennifer Lopez in her MV. DJ Khaled and Cardi B also appear in some scenes of this MV.

Dinero is the next song to be released after the single El Anillo. Jennifer Lopez and DJ Khaled performed this song on the stage of the 2018 Billboard Music Award ceremony on May 20.

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