A simple tune strums on the guitar and my heart is immediately captured by a feeling of longing and sadness.

The frailty of a broken heart is not easily expressed, however, Misa has eloquently portrayed this delicate subject, with heartfelt, poetic lyrics, and a hypnotic performance.

I adore the delicate musical intricacies, and breathy, emotive vocals, which connect to a deep emotional rawness within. 

Misa is a singer and songwriter from London, who describes music as the core of her life. Her deep passion and love for her art are clearly expressed through her music.

“Think About Me” is the fifth single from her album “Broken Record”, and in this song, Misa recalls a past love, recollecting on the heartbreak and good times, wondering if that person is thinking of her.

I believe “Think About Me” is a song that will connect with many people, for who hasn’t reminisced of a past lover and wondered… “do they think about me”?

If you enjoy music from artists such as Ellie Goulding and Adele, then Misa will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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