On Friday, the couple dropped a visual for its stripped-down, acoustic version of their duet”Flames,” which will be published from Mod Sun’s upcoming Internet Killed the Rockstar Deluxe album (out May 7).

In the video, Lavigne, 36, and Mod Sun, 34, can be observed performing the duet in an intimate, dimly lit room. They’re combined by a glockenspiel player and two series players, with Lavigne on guitar.”Flames is a really special song,” Lavigne says in a statement. “I love the way the acoustic version turned out.

It really brings another layer of emotion into the song”Mod Sun, whose stage moniker stands for”Movement On Dreams Stand Under Not one,” adds that he”wanted to supply a bright side to the story” with all the acoustic version of”Flames.””I felt like sonically I could paint that landscape through acoustic guitar and a string section,” he states. “I needed to make something that felt as though we’re doing in your living room”

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