“Out of My Mind” by Brandon Blvd / Confinement Creation

Meet Brandon Blvd:

Brandon Blvd is an up and coming hip-hop artist, rapper and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee.

He was a young man with a dream and initially got into rapping to impress the girls at the young age of 8. Over the years his passion and skills for creating music grew, as he honed his talent to an impressive level.

Out of My Mind:

His song “Out of My Mind” was written in 2020 during the quarantine when people were confined to their homes and people’s freedom was revoked.

Brandon Blvd told us: ” Essentially, it was enough to make me go “Out of My Mind”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Isaiah Rashad and J Cole, then Brandon Blvd will fit perfectly on your rap/hip-hop playlist.

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