Meet Azlo Raps:

Rapper and artist Azlo Raps has recently released an intense and impactful rap track entitled “Pessimistic”. His lyrical artistry and ability to convey disturbing emotions marks this as a highly notable track.

For Azlo, music has been a way to heal from a painful past. He first began performing at 18 years old and is now utilising his gift to elevate himself and his family to a better life.

He identifies his sound as “honest, sadness and passionate”, which he communicates masterfully through his art. His music offers a source of relief, and negative energy and emotions are released when he cultivates his songs.


A dark and sinister soundscape envelops listeners from the introduction of “Pessimistic”. Azlo performs with intense expression and emotion that overflows from every syllable, creating an unspoken bond and deep connection with the listener.

Many listeners will empathise with the story communicated through his descriptive verses that disclose a raw and wounded soul. Azlo Raps is a gifted wordsmith who reveals hellish experiences through his poetic lyrics, such as: “Got the devil in my veins, trying to get me to speak, been feeling so weak. Broken glass stuck in my head, trying to pick up the pieces of this broken reflection, who the f**k am I looking at?”

A deep connection and sympathetic relationship is formed between Azlo and his listeners throughout this song. You truly feel like he is giving you a glimpse into his soul. Azlo told us: “This song was written based on emotions that were bottled up and past friendships that fell through.”

“Pessimistic” is definitely a track that you need to add to your rap playlist, and if you enjoy artists such as; Jelly Roll Morton and Killstation, then Azlo Raps is recommended for you!

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