An intriguing sounding synth riff begins and my curiosity is sparked. I am listening to “So Official” the new release by Witnezz.

I adore the enthusiastic “Ok, ok, OK!” before the first verse, and I feel inspired by this artist’s clear, intelligible lyrics and melodic performance, which is a rare find in rappers of today.

Witnezz felt inspired to write “So Official” to voice the state of the music industry. As an artist, he is constantly testing the limits of common practices and allowing inspiration to drive his creative expression into new areas.

This artist is an expert storyteller, and I am hooked on his eloquent poetic lyrics, weaving a tale of imagery in my head. As I listen, I am reminded of similar past iconic rappers, such as “The Notorious B.I.G”.

However, Witnezz has his own distinct and unique sound, infused with modern-day musical intricacies, which, combined with his zealous vocals, create a high-energy, feel-good soundscape.

Witnezz is an independent hip-hop artist, who was born and raised in Detroit. In 2017 he founded the music label, Payton Place Entertainment.

His label is home to a wide catalogue of music, as well as multiple artists. He has also developed and signed many up and coming artists, even given them a home, tutoring, and education on how to succeed in the music industry. An inspirational artist and human being.

This track will please a variety of listeners, who can enjoy this song on the dance floor or rapping along with Witnezz. If you like music from artists such as 2Pac, and Boosie Badazz, then Witnezz will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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