Ken Wright III, aka M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L, is a Christian hip-hop artist spreading the word of the lord through relatable lyrics and enjoyable music. In 2002 his life was redirected to Christ and he was inspired to help repel the evils of this world by incorporating the teachings of the gospel in his music.

Born and raised, in Altadena, California, by a jazz pianist father who shared his love for music and nurtured his son’s musical education.

As a young boy, he would sit underneath Bertha, his fathers electric piano, immersing himself in the music his father would play. He was even lucky enough to be welcomed into studio jam sessions with the jazz bands.

During his younger years, he would refine his lyrical skills by competing in freestyle battles and performing locally. However, his path soon changed course with a redirection towards the divine and spreading the word of God within his music.

Two years after this awakening M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L emerged; M: Music, A: apologetically, D: directed, S: scriptural, K: knowledge, I: in, L: lyrical, L: language.

This intriguing artist’s most recent project stems from the deep grief this artist feels at the current cultural state of our world today. He wrote 21 songs in three weeks which all contain an important teaching from the gospel.

“Jelly Fish” is the latest release from this project, the song challenges people who are unsteady in their faith to firmly stand for what they believe.

From the introduction, we are immediately engaged and intrigued by this song. A catchy synthesised melody plays while M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L whispered intermittent lyrics, with a reverb effect which creates an eerie and hypnotic atmosphere.

An exciting soundscape is produced through multiple layered vocals and synths which perfectly compliment M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L’s impressive performance.

He weaves a tale of intrigue through his expert storytelling which he delivers with perfectly intelligible words. His warm and comforting tone invites us in, creating a trusting and comfortable atmosphere.

His unarguable faith is imparted to his listeners within his passionate delivery. Through his artistic combinations, he creates an accessible and identifiable connection to the teachings of the gospel.

The chorus includes witty and thought-provoking lyrics such as; “Jelly fish em, jelly fish em, the opposite of wisdom, I say, Jelly Fish em, made decision of indecision, Christian chicken, bending wherever the cultures living, if their sinning makes no difference, then I say Jelly Fish em”.

The bouncy melody and powerful lyrics entice listeners to rap along with M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L, injecting a lingering effect that will stay with you for hours after, reminding you to return for more.

Through his music and wordplay, M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L brings Christ into our everyday lives and with eloquent lyrical comparisons and connections, he offers us a pathway into a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit.

“Jelly Fish” is a song from the second instalment of the “Clarity 2020 Vision” album which is soon to be released. We are excited to see more revolutionary Christian hip-hop from this artist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Lecrae and Andy Mineo, then M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L will fit perfectly on your playlist.  Watch out for his upcoming releases here:

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