“Qualify” by Zoe Hess / Impressively emotive & Captivating

Meet Zoe Hess

Zoe Hess is a singer-songwriter and musician who has always loved music. She has been singing since the young age of two years old and writes all her own songs.

Her creative process generally begins with a verse or lyric that comes into her head. Then she will return to it later, with her guitar to create a melody. She tells us; “then a whole song basically flows out of that”.

It seems songwriting and composition is as natural as breathing to Zoe and when you hear her music, you hear the ease and grace behind her writing.

Zoe has just released her debut single “qualify” which was written and recorded by her at 13 years of age. She is now 14 years old, as of December 18th. Her sensitivity and expression in this song is remarkable at such a young age and her voice is developed way beyond her years.

Debut release “qualify”

As the song opens, with Zoe’s delicately passionate voice, we are immediately swept up into her story and captivated by the beauty of her voice.

Zoe sings with an impressive vocal ability and she has a talent for connecting emotionally with her listeners. She expresses intense sadness through an incredibly emotive and touching performance.

Beautiful and poetic lyrics dance before us, as Zoe’s delicate high notes portray deep vulnerability, with a gentle vocal tone that caresses the melody.

Touching verses such as: “You probably don’t think about me, I never cross your mind, I wish that wasn’t true, because you’re always in mine” invoke sentimental feelings of heartbreak and yearning.

The words, ‘I guess I didn’t qualify” hit hard into the heart of the listener. The feeling of not being good enough for someone is an emotion most, if not all of us, can connect with.

We girls all need a good break-up song to cry and sing to, in those moments of heartache. This is definitely one to add to your sad songs playlist.

This beautifully performed touching song about unrequited love and rejection will charm any listener. If you enjoy music from artists such as Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles, then Zoe Hess will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Zoe plans to continue developing her career by writing, playing and recording. She would like her listeners to know, “You are so loved. You are not alone. Don’t ever let someone trick you into thinking you aren’t enough. Because you are. Thank you so so so much for listening to my music and supporting me. It means the world to me”.

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