A compelling and captivating new release, “Love Me Touch Me” by up and coming pop artist Juno Star.

This song has all the best elements of a hit alt-pop song and we are immediately drawn into Juno’s ecstatic soundscape with layered synths and reverbed vocals.

Juno engages his audience with an intense and beguiling attraction and he sings with an emotive tone which holds a softness and beautiful ease, feeling natural and honest.

The lyrics are uncut, unfiltered, raw and impactful, delivered in syncopated rhythmic verses such as; “sometimes I crawl up in a ball and pretend to die” creating an intense and lasting impression on the listener.

Juno narrates lengthy verses within this song and it likens to a poetic reading of a journal which is unravelling a tale of heartache and vulnerability.

Although the lyrics are recounting a time of agony, turmoil and distress, the music exhibits a hopeful and transformational energy.

Just as the caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly, here we witness the history and evolution of Juno, communicated through his confident and strong tone.

Juno worked together with LA-based producer KOIL for this song, which was inspired by Juno’s experience with destructive love as a seventeen-year-old boy.

A star on the rise, Juno is propelling with intense force into his music career, and with three releases so far this year and two more to come, plus an EP, Juno is set for great things. Keep an eye out for his next release.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, then Juno Star will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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