When I first heard “Rodeo Boys” by Phil Elam I was instantly amused and entertained. This song is great fun to listen to, with extremely humorous lyrics such as; “If you want a Rodeo boy, rise up jump for joy, if you want this Rodeo Boy, tie me up I’ll be your toy!”

Elam has quoted; “Rodeo Boys is all about the joy of unconditional love. When you give in and surrender to the bliss of unconditional love, it is very liberating.”

I enjoy the introduction of cowboy sound effects which draws the listener in a little closer, curious to see what comes next. Presently the song unfolds into musical layers of big synthesizers and intense bass beats, which create a feel-good, electro-pop soundscape.

Phil Elam is an award-winning, multi-talented musician and filmmaker from Detroit, Michigan. His first introduction to music was at the age of six when he began to play the piano.

As a young boy growing up in Detroit he experienced many violent “ass-kicking” predicaments, however, he would always find comfort in his room, his special world of music and movies.

Another main focus and goal of Elam’s is to make a positive contribution to society through art and charitable giving. He has already donated the profit from two of his hit singles to charitable funds. His hope is to help society advance in a co-operative and positive manner.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and Justin Bieber, then Phil Elam will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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