Tara Thompson latest single ‘Tennessee’s wild’

Thompson didn’t opt for this audio profession. It picked .” “Tennessee’s Wild” — the stirring, psychological rocker that’s her newest single — probably does the best job so far really unpacking this announcement ultimately signifies to her livelihood and its own success.

“I had been raised in East Tennessee, right smack dab where Dolly Parton is out of,” Thompson tells CMT.’ Tennessee’s Wild’ is the first video in which I am not telling a story, I am also playing the role.” Upon seeing the last edit of the movie clip, she states she”felt as though I had been watching a film…it had been among the coolest videos I have ever been part of. Fantastic visuals require great struggles, however.

Seeing the wintry conditions on the afternoon of shooting the movie, Thompson writes, “We began shooting the movie at 10 am and went until 9 pm! I won’t ever forget how amazingly cold it was. The temperature was 19 degrees and also riding a horse against the end was quite painful, to say the very least, haha! The barn, where we took all those scenes will be over 100 years old, so we used flashlights to browse through the evening! It had been chilly, ghostly & amazing all at precisely the exact same time!”

Thompson closes with a haunting note regarding the movie’s magnificent conclusion: “I need people to find out just how beautiful my hometown is and above all, that secrets not depart those components.