Meet Jane Leo:

Indie-rock band Jane Leo have just released their debut single, “Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)”. A seriously impressive song and music video by the duo, Daniel Leopold and Jane Ellen Bryant.

Growing up in the Detroit area, Daniel immersed himself in music as a way to survive the harsh winters. Over the years, the duo’s musical journey has been influenced by transformative artists whose music connects to a timeless era, such as; Iggy Pop, Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley, to name a few.

The inspiration for “Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)” came to Daniel after an extensive tour with his band, Leopold and His Fiction. Jane told us: “It’s a torturous story of lust and vulnerability.”

Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind):

“Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)” opens with an intense and captivating soundscape and we are instantly engaged and enthralled. The composition has a thick texture, incorporating multiple instrumentals. Deep sounds emanate from the drums and keyboard, utilising the lower register which creates a hypnotic atmosphere.

Daniel and Jane deliver an impressive and mesmerising performance both vocally and theatrically. Their expressive tones and exceptional vocal ability completely captivate us. The phrase “tell me I’m on your mind” is repeated multiple times, with differing inflexions, emotions and tempo in the delivery. This effect imprints an unforgettable experience on the listener.

The music video is a beautifully shot piece of artwork that has a vintage Bonny and Clyde feel and look to it. The first half of the video is shot in black and white until the chorus delivers an explosive instrumental outburst as well as an explosion of colour on the screen. An extravagant fight ensues with slow-motion punches followed by passionate kissing. This display clearly reflects the intensity and insanity that can arise within a relationship when the passion for anger is just as intense as the passion for lust.

TELL ME (I’m On Your Mind) is the first track that Daniel and Jane collaborated and sang on together and we are already fans of this talented indie-rock duo. If you enjoy music from artists such as Lana Del Ray and Arctic Monkeys then Jane Leo will fit perfectly on your indie-rock playlist.

Watch the music video here…

This song is just the beginning for Jane Leo and we are excited to see more releases from them soon. They told us: “We’ve got so many songs in the vault, it’s time to finally let go of our grip and share”. In the meantime, Jane Leo has a message for all their listeners: “stay curious”.

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