“Tranki45” by Baby Justin / Booty bouncing addictive hit


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Baby Justin. Never heard of him? Well, I can assure you, that will change very soon.

Carlos Sanchez, aka Baby Justin, was born and raised in Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. However, his mother separated from his father at the age of 14 and they relocated to the United States.

Baby Justin struggled with this new way of life and he rebelled and turned to the streets. This choice eventually landed him in prison for two years.

During this time he reflected on the choices he had made and also began to reconnect with his cultural background. Reconnecting with his heritage ignited a passion within him for something he had never given much importance to before. And he discovered his deep love for music.

While growing up in the Dominican Republic he was surrounded by music such as bachata, merengue, dembow and reggaeton. He knew and loved these genres of music so well and they now became the foundation of his inspiration. Along with his new favourite genres of afrobeat and hip-hop.

When he was released from prison he began writing his own songs and was focused and ready to pursue a career in music.

He was recording his own tracks as an independent artist when he met with the Latin music label, Smúsica. They signed him to their label within a week and have been working together relentlessly to produce his first single.



Baby Justin’s debut original single will be released on March 26th by Smúsica. The teasers have already received an overwhelming response on TikTok and Instagram. It’s easy to see why as we listen to this future smash hit.

“Tranki45” is an upbeat and fantastically catchy track that will have your booty bouncing and body grooving uncontrollably. The euphoric beats, which are delivered at a breakneck speed of 118bpm, activate an ecstatic excitement in the listener.

This exciting and uplifting song is a celebration of having fun and enjoying the moment. Of appreciating the music and rejoicing in the good times.

Baby Justin performs with jaw-dropping high-speed singing and rapping. His delivery is enhanced by his seductively charismatic vocals that captivate the listener.

The blend of dembow inspired afro beats intertwining with an irresistible Latin vibe is thrilling. This is a song you are sure to remember and return to over and over again.

This track is already on our hit list and we are so excited to see how people will respond to it. If you enjoy music from artists such as El Alfa and Daddy Yankee, then Baby Justin will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Baby Justin told us, ‘I want to be the example of the “change” you can become if you believe in yourself, work hard, and most of all…….Trust God in the process”.

This year is set to be an exciting year for Baby Justin. He has many more releases planned and we are intrigued to see what this talented artist will delight us with next.

In closing, Baby Justin would like to add, “I’d like to thank my Mom, and everyone at Smúsica. To all my supporters………. I love very much. Thank you”.

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