Despite having been delayed for many times, in the end, the highly anticipated blockbuster movie “TENET” directed by Christopher Nolan will officially hit theaters next week. While waiting to enjoy this super product, Travis Scott has somewhat alleviated fans enthusiasm by releasing the official song of the movie – “The Plan.

Produced by the movie’s music producer, Ludwig Göransson, “The Plan” partly gave fans the clearest feeling about the space as well as the theme that “TENET” is about to bring. 

In harmony with the time-turning elements of the movie, “The Plan” still carries characteristics of Travis Scott’s musical styles. Starting with a loud bass that became the main foundation for the entire soundtrack of the song, followed by a magical chorus from the autotune vocalist that made Travis Scott famous. 

You don’t know where we stand / It’s true / Know the plan” – the lyrics are transformed by Travis Scott. In his singing part, Travis made good use of his vocal and autotuned melody-making skills, reminiscent of Kanye West‘s “808s & Heartbreak” period – one of the most influential people to Travis Scott’s music. 

As we were finalizing the final stages of the movie’s music, Ludwig suggested inviting Travis to join the project, showing him the movie, and waiting to see what he would bring.” director Christopher Nolan shared. 

After seeing the movie, Travis was very interested in it, sharing his very valuable personal insights about the film. The song Travis made with Ludwig combined with the way he intended to use his unique voice to interweave the elements of the music became the ultimate piece of the project.

“TENET” is the next remarkable blockbuster movie by the talented director Christopher Nolan, who has made such amazing masterpieces such as: Inception, Interstellar, … With the theme of time reversing and paradox combined with dramatic and epic action. With the appearance of such cult actors as John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, … this will be a cinematic masterpiece that you can hardly ignore in the future. The movie is expected to open on August 28 at theaters nationwide.

Listen to Travis Scott’s new song “The Plan” below: