Tye Cooper is a multi-talented artist from Providence, Rhode Island. He is an entertainer, songwriter, raptivist, and actor. Through his unwavering commitment to his art and attention to lyrical precision, he stands out above the multitude of hip-hop artists in his area.

His recent album release “The Tye Cooper Show” exhibits his profound songwriting and performance proficiency, and presents one song that is notably poignant and significant.

“Aubrey’s Favorite Song” is about Tye’s little boy, who’s middle name is Aubrey (first name Javian). He was born prematurely with a rare type of epilepsy, which obviously caused much heartache and worry.

A sad truth became revealed to Tye, he was not Javian’s biological father.

In this song, Tye imparts the tale of this distressing situation with an emphasis on his resolute commitment to his family.

The song commences with a soft musical and vocal introduction, filled with affection and tenderness, which creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Tye is a talented storyteller and poetic wordsmith who performs his tale with captivating and attractive vocals, exposing a deeply emotional story.

He expertly portrays his intense emotional connection with his family through his lyrical delivery. Catchy, rhythmic verses such as; “You been going through the up’s and down’s, ain’t no way I’m backing down, they see the changes now they want you back around” entice the listener to sing-a-long.

He expertly flows between high-speed rapping and soulful singing, and his performance is impressively eloquent.

An upbeat, bouncy soundscape is produced through syncopated sounding synth chimes, claps and clicks. This head-bobbing rhythm stays with you for hours after, reminding you to return for more.

Tye Cooper has performed with many legendary acts, such as Slick Rick, Rakim, KRS ONE, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, to name just a few.

He has faced and defeated many obstacles throughout his career, and his successes are definitely deserved for his talent, hard work and dedication.

If you enjoy artists such as Drake and Juice WRLD, then Tye Cooper will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Tye Cooper

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