Meet Rocketball 007:

Rockcetball 007 is the solo project of Richard Behan, who is the singer-songwriter, producer and manager. He has had a lifetime of experience in the music industry, which he initially got involved in, in the sixties. Now, he is in his sixties and trying to influence the world with his music.

In his younger days when he was first starting in the business, his parents were his biggest inspiration, as they smiled and asked him “when will you get a real job?”. Obviously, this only increased his conviction for a career in the music industry.

Nowadays, he gets inspired to make music when and how he feels like it, he has the freedom to create at his pleasure, in his home studio where he composes, writes and produces all of his original material.

“We Are in Some Trouble”

His latest release, “We Are in Some Trouble”, is a song about basically, getting in trouble. The lyrics tell us a tale of secret rendezvous’s, which, for whatever reason, shouldn’t be taking place. We’ll let your imaginations decide what they are doing, that they shouldn’t.

The track immediately draws us in as Rocketball instantly commences his charismatic performance. His breathy and gruff vocals combined with the unique musical accompaniment create a hypnotic and dreamy effect.

This is a unique song with multiple layered drums, synths and cymbals which creates an exciting soundscape. The pop-dance background beat gives the song an upbeat feel, and it could easily be placed on a chilled club playlist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Mike Posner and Twenty One Pilots, then you will love Rocketball 007.

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What’s next?

Rocketball is presently creating songs on a daily basis and posting them on his TikTok account. As the process develops he focuses on one particular song to evolve it further. Tune in and follow him to see more of his future projects at:

Rocketball has one very important message for all his listeners out there: “Keep on rocking, don’t give up. Things change in your favour as time goes on. Things open up. Don’t give up.”

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