The Suspect Allegedly (Nick Downing) is an emcee and producer who used to be known as Bake Beats of The Entreproducers. After a few years of producing he began rapping to his own beats and reinvented himself as a solo artist.

His most recent release “We Should’ve Listened to the Unabomber” was inspired by the story of the Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski) after watching a documentary about him. 

Suspect sets the perfect atmosphere at the opening of the song, inducing feelings of panic and confusion through multiple-layered vocals with reverb.

He teamed up with rapper Koncept Jackson for this project and their blended styles deliver a hard-hitting, impactful track.

I enjoy the three distinct mood changes throughout the song, which showcase an intriguing soundscape journey from blended layered vocals, to a powerful solo lyrical performance and a sci-fi sounding finale.

Suspect raps with an appealing tone and rhythm which stays with you for hours after. He is an expert storyteller who delivers powerful, thought-provoking lyrics with perfectly intelligible diction.

The chorus is catchy and fans will find it easy to rap along with his lyrics; “we live in Futurama, they used to tell us that the future ours, we should’ve listened to the Unabomber, but we listened to computer bloggers, now we’re just consumer shopping”.

Kaczynski (the Unabomber) believed that technology had disconnected humankind from nature. He opposed this and stated that technology along with an industrialized society effectively destroys human freedom.

Although his actions were flawed and violent, Suspect believes that considering the state of the world today, perhaps we should have paid more attention to Kaczynski messages.

Interestingly, also many critics and academics later wrote that while Kaczynski deserved punishment for the violent acts he committed, many of his ideas were completely reasonable.

This song is the third on Suspects album, also titled “We Should’ve Listened to the Unabomber”. If you enjoy music from artists such as JoeyBada$$ and Action Bronson, then The Suspect Allegedly will fit perfectly on your playlist. Check him out and follow here:

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